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About Tenaya Amelia

Tenaya Amelia is a life-long dreamer, artist and certified teacher of Active Dreaming. Intuitive, sensitive and creative, she holds a safe and vibrant space to explore the inner realms. Tenaya weaves together Intuitive Dream Painting, collage, expressive movement and evocative music into her unique offerings. She is based in Northern California and offers workshops, classes and Dream Exploration Sessions. Tenaya also creates Visionary Websites to showcase your offerings in a fresh and vibrant way.

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Dreams can exhilarate, inspire, and sometimes, confuse or scare us~ Sometimes a "big" dream can change the course of our life, or illuminate a path not yet taken. In a one-on-one session, Tenaya will guide you to uncover the messages your dreams are sending you. Scary or recurring dreams often hold a strong charge for a reason~ There is something desperately trying to get through to you, or a piece of yourself may have become fragmented through trauma or just the day-to-day losses we all face. Active Dreaming techniques show us how to welcome back and integrate these lost parts of ourselves. Working with dreams in this way can support you through creative blocks, personal struggles, and help you build a bridge to the deeper parts of yourself. Sessions are 75 minutes and can take place in person, over the phone or Skype.  $120 | 75-minute session ~ Read MORE

Upcoming Events~

Dreams That Speak workshops and classes are a chance to immerse yourself in the inspiring, regenerative field of dreams~ 

Tenaya hosts monthly Dream Salons in Fairfax, CA (Marin County) and Sebastopol (Sonoma County, Coming Soon!) This 2 1/2 hour immersive workshop is a place to share dreams, learn Active Dreaming techniques, create dream-inspired art & enjoy custom-blended elixir drinks~ $25-$40 Sliding scale.

Using the potent techniques of Active Dreaming, you will travel paths of healing and mystery to uncover the messages your dreams are sending you. 

“As someone who has never considered the value of her own dreams, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was a little nervous to look at what my dreams were telling me. Tenaya, in an active dreaming session, not only helped me to understand how to review and examine each part of my dream, but she did so in a way that allowed the dream to reveal it’s true message. The most profound thing is to dive into an unsettling dream and find a message of strength and empowerment behind it. It’s a deeply personal process and I can’t imagine a more gentle, intuitive, trustworthy and skillful guide. I see dreams now as a door into my true thoughts, and a tool for understanding myself better. I’m so grateful to Tenaya for showing me how to engage with my dreams in this new way.”
— Christina E.

Visionary Web design

Tenaya creates beautiful, engaging websites that showcase your offerings in a fresh and vibrant way. Coming from a fine arts background (painting, drawing, cut paper collage) Tenaya has a natural knack for composing with color, visual balance and natural flow. She will help express the essence of your brand through imagery, font, unique color palettes and expertly-written copy, all for competitive rates with quick turn-around time.

Tenaya communicates with a professional and grounded demeanor that instantly made me feel at ease. She was available to answer questions or meet with me on the phone as the project progressed. I was thrilled with Tenaya’s copy/content editing. She effortlessly helped me share my vision through words. It was such a gift!

One of the most impressive things about working with Tenaya was her timeline. She was efficient and timely, honoring our schedule and keeping to the calendar. She was open to feedback and very receptive to my changes. She was always positive and warm. I love that I have a beautiful website in only a month! Magic!
If you are looking for a creative mind and quick production for a quality website I would highly recommend Tenaya. She was easy to work with and her positive energy made the process smooth.
— Ashley Apple

Contact me to set up a Private Dream Session or if you are interested in hosting me for a workshop or event. I am available to travel nationally and internationally to offer classes and workshops about dreaming and creativity, and offer private sessions in person, or virtually via video chat.