Thrilling news!!!

It's been forever....

Greetings dear friends! It's been a LOOONG time since I've written, and I have some very exciting news to share.... But for the moment I want to back up and share a little bit of what I've been up to for the last 7 (!?!) months... This summer I set out on a three week road trip to the Pacific Northwest to explore the San Juan Islands, and attend a few workshops.


On the Ferry from the San Juan Islands
This journey formed itself in my imagination last summer at Dream Teacher Training Level 2~ I had envisioned traveling guided by synchronicity and trust. I haven't undertaken an adventure like this in over a decade, and it was scary (and exciting) to set out alone on the open road (thank Goddess for Siri/GPS!) The first leg of the journey was to attend a Polish Ancestral singing workshop in Port Townsend, Washington with Laboritorium Piesni, a Polish singing group. It was thrilling and profound to sing in the ancient ways of my Slavic Ancestors, as guided by my dreams of The Amber Road. These dreams have led me to research and explore my ancestral lineage. You can see a video of us singing together HERE.


Photo by Elizabeth Shelhart

From there I met up with my dear friend Elizabeth and we traveled north to the rural and wild San Juan Islands, where we met whales, jellyfish, blue herons, and a bald eagle, harvested wild rose hips for tea, and had some of the best sleeps of our lives at a little Airbnb cottage on Lopez Island (which reminded me of a beloved place from my childhood, Prince Edward Island, Canada, as depicted in the CBC television production of Anne of Green Gables). Being in these remote Islands for a few days felt like a much-needed retreat and respite from all of the chaos and heartache effecting our world right now. Even now when I feel overwhelmed by sadness about the state of our politics, our Earth home, and the barrage of non-stop traumatic news, I draw a deep breathe and let my whole system remember the calm and peace I felt on Lopez Island.


Gathering Rosehips

Then it was off to the third and final level of Dream Teacher Training with Robert Moss at magical Mosswood Hollow in Duvall, WA. One of the most enriching aspects of this training has been the soulful connections I have made with other dreamers, and this time around was no different. Poignant gifts were given and received, even an exquisite Green Tourmaline necklace from my father (who has passed away) lovingly channeled through a fellow dreamer, Amy. My dad has been such an important part of this path of dreaming for me, and to feel his essence present itself in a unique and synchronistic way was a true blessing.


Robert Moss & Me on Graduation Day

On the final day of Dream Teacher Training I woke up early and walked down to a little pond at the far end of the property. After asking permission, I gathered a bendy branch from a weeping willow tree and wound it into a circular crown. Strolling around, I gathered bits of moss, fallen cedar and pine fronds, and rose hips, and wove them into the crown. I slipped on the embroidered blouse my great-grandmother, Nana Marie, brought back from Yugoslavia in the 1950's, and made my way to the cedar grove for a last minute singing rehearsal with two dreamers, Teresa and Keleren. As my creative offering for the graduation ceremony, we sang a polyphonic song I learned with Laboritoum Piesni a few weeks prior. With hands joined, we raised our voices in three-part harmony, intoning the ancient sounds of my ancestors. At the end of the song I had an impulse to open up our little circle and the whole group of 20 dreamers spontaneously burst into song right there in the yurt! I was filled with joy, and moved by a feeling of deep connection with all present.


::::::::Which leads me to my VERY! EXCITING! NEWS! ::::::::
Earlier in the summer I attended a women's gathering in Oregon called Spirit Weavers Gathering. It was a life-changing experience~ I met two phenomenal teachers who inspired me greatly, both in the way they presented their offerings, and also the resonant material they shared. These teachers, Asia Suler, and Milla Prince, brought together so many strands of knowledge for me~ Herbalism, Shamanic Practices, Plant and Mineral Lore, and Ancestral ways of knowing. Connecting with both of them propelled me along my path, and planted a seed for me to apply to teach Active Dreaming at Spirit Weavers 2018.... and I just found out today that I have been invited to teach two classes at Spirit Weavers next year!!! I am over-the-moon ecstatic. This is the first festival I will teach at, and I know Spirit Weavers Gathering will be a ripe field for this sort of work. 


Spirit Weavers Art by Tamara Phillips

I'll be offering: 
::: Dreaming with the Ancestors:::: and ::::The Art of Kairomancy, Guiding Life by Synchronicity and Dreams:::

For more info: HERE

And last but not least, for those women who are local to the SF Bay Area, my monthly Women's Dream Salon is next Thursday, December 7th from 6:30-9:00 in Fairfax. If you've never joined me, I'd love to share this work with you! It's a lovely supportive group of women sharing dreams, sipping yummy elixir drinks, and guiding our lives by dreams. :-) Please RSVP to this email with any questions or if you'd like me to save a space for you.
More info is HERE

Women's Dream Salon.jpg

I'm sending love your way in these times of great change and uncertainty. I am committed to helping bring the gifts of dreaming to our world. If you would like support in connecting to your dreams, and seeing how they can guide your life, please reach out to me.

One simple way to begin fostering a deeper connection with your dreams (and yourself for that matter! :-) is to wake gently in the morning, and give yourself 10 minutes to write down anything you remember of your nighttime adventures. Just the act of doing this will lead to greater recall. I've also started using the voice memo feature on my phone to record my dreams & it's enhancing my dream reports!

I'd love to hear from you~ Please respond to this email and share what is going on in your life. How are you caring for yourself amidst the challenges of the world right now? What is bringing you joy, comfort, solace?

Wishing you blessing of light, grace and calm this winter:::


P.S. This weekend my beloved Dream Teacher, and the creator of Active Dreaming, Robert Moss, will be teaching a weekend workshop in Berkeley, Dancing with Bear. If you live in the SF Bay Area, this is not to be missed. As far as I know, there are still a few spots available. Info is HERE