One Year Anniversary, Brand New Website & Podcast!

It's been a while since I wrote, and I've got so many exciting things to share... I have a brand new website! Be sure to check out the about page~ I tell the story of my creative journey as an artist and dreamer, with lots of photos, including a slightly mortifying one of my "purple phase" in high school. :-) 

Web Design
I've recently started building websites for clients. Web design weaves together so many things I love~ Composing with color and images, writing engaging content, and telling stories! If you, or anyone you know needs a new website or an update to an old site, please send them my way~ I offer competitive rates and quick turnaround time. 

The other thing I'm delighted to share is that it's the one-year anniversary of the Women's Dream Salon and my start as a teacher of Active Dreaming. Even as a little girl I fantasized about being a teacher, and it's been humbling and empowering to step into this role and learn along the way. Especially with recent national events I have felt deeply called to hold a space that is safe and sacred for folks to come together and share dreams of healing and power. 

Two months ago at the Dream Salon we did a short drum journey to call up a dream or memory of a time we felt truly safe, relaxed and healed. We went around the room sharing our memories and painted them to life with our words, imagination and energy. I asked everyone to imprint the memory of that place of solace and connection into their whole being, as a place they could take refuge in when the world starts to feel overwhelming.

During the journey I was swept away to the time I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii~ It was a dark, moonless night, infinite stars twinkled above, and I was floating on my back in a geothermally-heated warm pool made out of lava rocks nestled on the edge of the ocean. A friend gently supported my head and pelvis so I could float in the warm, womb-like water effortlessly. I gazed at the stars overhead as the palm trees gently sang their palm frond songs... I was weightless, completely held, and felt like I was floating in the galaxy. So now, whenever I feel gripped with anxiety after reading the news or listening to the radio, I coax myself back into that memory of healing. That way I can respond and act in the world in a calm and grounded way.

I invite you to  close your eyes and daydream your way into a memory or dream of a time you felt safe, held and healed. Feel what your body felt in that moment, smell the smells, see the memory in vivid detail, and memorize the experience with all your senses. Rest for a few moments in that tranquil space, letting all of your systems relax. Use that visceral imprint as a mooring place when you feel yourself tossed by the waves of chaos and anxiety...


Day-long Workshop
Saturday, May 6th from 11-5

Dreaming for a Word of Power~ 2017 ~ Fairfax, CA

n this workshop we will play with our dreams using the core techniques of Active Dreaming to discover a word of intention for 2017.  We'll create a special piece of art~ A painted dream feather (see below) to honor our word of intention and anchor the energy in our lives. (No art experience necessary) The workshop will be held in a beautiful space in Fairfax. It will be a day of connection, exploration, creativity & play! The workshop is $108. All materials included. Space is limited, register HERE. More info and pictures from past events are HERE. I hope you can join us! (all genders welcome!) 

In January I was interviewed by Jed Ward and Damien Abel on the Vajra Body Vajra Mind Podcast. I talk about how I came to the path of dreaming, about guiding dreams in my life, and about using dreams as a catalyst for creative endeavors. I also share some practical tips for remembering dreams. You can listen HERE.

Wishing you strength, solace and healing~ May your dreams guide you~