Our Lady in White Rides Again


Have you ever had a dream that charges into your life and changes everything? That upon waking, you find yourself streaming with energy, purpose, vitality and perhaps a touch of a greater reality? On July 25, 2017 I awoke from just such a dream, and immediately wrote down as much as I could remember to anchor this dream of power onto the page,  trying to capture the glimmering rush I felt witnessing what I had just seen. 

The title of the dream came to me in the dream itself, emanating from the landscape: "Our Lady in White Rides Again!"  This dream instructed me that it wanted to be shared, that it is a dream for our times, that we are being invited to fully grasp hold of our power, to use our voice, and share our stories, guided by our knowing and intuition, galloping with full confidence in the direction of our most tenderly-held dreams for ourselves, each other, and our world.

So I want to invite you into this dream! One of the core techniques of Active Dreaming is Dream Re-entry, where, through the power of our intention, and the steady support of Shamanic-style drumming, we can gain access to the living landscape of a dream, and re-enter it to gather more information, dialog with dream characters, explore, or just drink in the power and majesty of the dream in a fully conscious state. 


Last week I invited the Dream Salon to travel into this dream as a group, and I recorded our journey, so I would like to offer you an opportunity to journey into this dream and experience it's power for yourself! If you have never done a Shamanic journey or Dream Re-entry before, don't worry! In this audio track I will guide you gently into the dream with my voice, and the steady heartbeat drumming will coax you into a relaxed and open state where it will be easy to let yourself be carried into the dream (like a guided meditation).

Shamanic drumming is a technology that has been utilized by cultures the world over (and most likely your ancestors if you go back far enough!) to safely and naturally steer your brainwaves into a relaxed but conscious visionary state. As my teacher, Robert Moss, the creator of Active Dreaming says:

"The steady beat helps to override mental clutter and focus energy and intention on the journey. The rhythms of the drum correspond to brain wave frequencies in the theta band, associated with the hypnagogic zone and its dreamlike imagery. If you want a physiological explanation of why shamanic drumming is such a powerful tool for shifting awareness, you could say that the “sonic driving” of the drum herds our brain waves into the theta band, opening us to its characteristic flow of imagery."

It's a way to access a rich imaginal playground, so when you're ready, find a quiet, private place where you won't be disturbed, lay down with a scarf to cover your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to center and ground yourself. In Active Dreaming we invoke a spirit of protection and guidance by stating aloud:

"May my doors and gates and paths be open. And the doors and gates and paths between the worlds. And may the doors and gates and paths of any, who wish to do me, or those I love, any harm, be closed. May it be so." 

(Feel free to use any invocation that resonates for your personal beliefs)

I suggest listening to the track on headphones or earbuds, so plug in, and let yourself be carried into this dream of powerful forward movement and creative flourishing. At the end of the track you will hear a series of 4 drum beats in a row, this is your signal to come back to regular consciousness, back to your body. Take a few moments to gently return, then write some notes about your experience, and decide on a simple action step you can take to honor your journey, such as writing a poem, joining a singing group, hiking in nature and feeling the energy of the earth as you walk. ::: This journey is 14 minutes long :::

I would love to hear about your experience with this journey, and any insights or inspiration that came to you. Please leave a message in the comments below, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. If you have a friend that might enjoy this dream exploration, please share this post with them!

And lest we feel at all too serious as we stride forward into the New Year, let's rejoice with these ancient grooving Goddesses! (Animated by Nina Paley)