Connect with a community of dreamers at the Dream Salon

Tenaya hosts monthly Dream Salons in Fairfax, CA (Marin County) and Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma County, Coming Soon!) This 2 1/2 hour immersive workshop is a place to share dreams, learn Active Dreaming techniques, create dream-inspired art & enjoy custom-blended elixir drinks~ $25-$40 Sliding scale.

Using the potent techniques of Active Dreaming, you will travel paths of healing and mystery to uncover the messages your dreams are sending you. 

“Tenaya has the rare gift of making you feel instantly at ease in her presence with her grace, compassion, and warmth. Her knowledge and intuition makes her dreamwork incredibly powerful. Under her guidance, I found myself making new and helpful connections between my dreams and everyday life. Thanks to her insights, I now have a new framework to utilize when I want to bridge inspiration and intuition in my life.”
— Jaycee C.
I started attending Tenaya’s Dream Salon after I found her through Robert Moss’ website. I was seeking out groups or classes local to me after completing my reading of Dreaming the Soul Back Home. Having been active on this path of dreamwork for several years, I recognized this was my first opportunity to commune with a group of women that were choosing to do the same. Sharing with other women about my personal journey was indeed the way to go for me and doing so resulted in us receiving and giving a wealth of wisdom and personal support.

Tenaya is exquisitely skilled in her ability to create, hold, and tend to a space for dreamwork. Each month Tenaya guided the Dream Salon with song and the rhythm of our hearts to a safe space where each person was enabled to be heard and appreciated. She effectively mediated conversation flow and balanced activities for the well-being of the group. Tenaya led by example and welcomed us to experience her dreams with her via art, music, storytelling, and movement.

I feel that Tenaya prioritizes being sensitive and kind to her heart and it shines bright through her transparency of her own journeying and through her teaching. I appreciate this in her and feel grateful for having experienced this dreamwork within her Dream Salon.
— Hannah W.