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The Art of Kairomancy ::: Women's Dream Salon :::

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Please join me for the next Women's Dream Salon on Thursday, May 3rd, from 6:30-9:00 in Fairfax. This month we'll be focusing on one of the most enchanting techniques I know for finding beauty, magic and spirit everyday life... The art of Kairomancy!

Kairomancy is the playful art of guiding your life by opening to the symbols, synchronicities and the messages of the world. I'll teach some simple techniques for opening up to this communication.

We'll also play with the techniques of Active Dreaming for a thrilling night of connection, magic, and deep inner guidance. Please note that there will be no Dream Salon in June, then we'll resume in July. 

Please RSVP for more info~ Space is very limited, so contact me for pre-payment info to hold your space. $25

Please bring: a few dreams you would like to work with, an item of personal significance for the altar, and a spirit of play!