“When I entered Tenaya’s space, the sense of magic was palpable.  I felt held in that magic - as well as in the tremendous transition of this time of my life.  It was as if the veils between the worlds slipped away - and the unseen presence became instantly more clear.  I was guided deeper into the truth of my own being - and the mystery of my life.  Tenaya was present with me, my life, and my dreams with genuine, heartfelt care - as well as expert insight.  I felt safe to express my deepest feelings, and I felt seen with uncommon depth.  I left feeling soft, strong, and open - filled with a sense of the wonder and majesty of what’s before me~ the sparkling wonder of the worlds of our dreams. Tenaya is a natural at offering access to this space. Join her for a dream journey; enter that oasis and be refreshed in ways you didn’t even know you were seeking.”
— Christopher C.
Thank you for the wonderful dream session; starting with the breath for grounding, right through to writing an action plan. Your guided explorations into those dark and hidden corners of my dream was inspirational. As was the way you navigated my dream scape with sensitive and insightful questions and comments. I so much appreciated the way you held a secure space without restrictions – I could talk to you about anything. This was a truly amazing session with one who guides with wisdom. Thank you Tenaya!
— Skai Fowler

”As someone who has never considered the value of her own dreams, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was a little nervous to look at what my dreams were telling me. Tenaya, in an active dreaming session, not only helped me to understand how to review and examine each part of my dream, but she did so in a way that allowed the dream to reveal it’s true message. The most profound thing is to dive into an unsettling dream and find a message of strength and empowerment behind it. It’s a deeply personal process and I can’t imagine a more gentle, intuitive, trustworthy and skillful guide. I see dreams now as a door into my true thoughts, and a tool for understanding myself better. I’m so grateful to Tenaya for showing me how to engage with my dreams in this new way.”
— Christina E.
Tenaya’s workshop, “The Art of Kairomancy,” was the highlight of my weekend at Spirit Weavers! She created a warm, inviting space in which I could connect with other dreamers and explore the magic of being alive. The workshop was a great mix of dream theory, storytelling, meditation, and tips for how to practice the art of Kairomancy in our day to day lives. Since the workshop, I am titling my dreams as I journal about them each day, and have done the Lightning Dreamwork exercise with my partner multiple times. It feels like my dream life has been reinvigorated, and I have the oracle card I drew in the workshop up on my altar. I highly recommend Tenaya and her workshops to others.
— Meagan Leatherman
“The dream session was profound and incredibly helpful. I have of course been thinking through everything we discussed and seeing the dream in new lights/perspectives. The analysis with you has made it a lot easier to see the next steps I can take to make sure I’m getting the most benefit from the dream. Energy protection at work and more progress on finding my next job. The day after the session I already felt more clearheaded, motivated to get through my to-do list, and excited about the future.
I am grateful for your insights, particularly at this time, which seems pivotal for me.”
— K.M.
“I dream every night, and while I’m not diligent about writing them down, there are some dreams that are strong enough to stick with me. It’s frustrating to try and figure out the messages coming through using half-baked dream apps and online resources, so I called Tenaya. She was so incredibly helpful, approaching the dream and my feelings with delicacy, respect and knowledge, so that the deeper meaning easily unfolded. It was so spot-on, natural and disarming that I immediately recommended her to another friend of mine. From now on, I will reach out to Tenaya to dissect all my dreams.”
— Dawn Shalhoup
“Before my dream session I didn’t quite know what dream to share. My fear was that my dream was not relevant. Well that dream unpacked so much amazing information for me. Tenaya’s approach was professional, gentle, and very knowledgeable.

I cannot thank Tenaya enough for helping me to better understand the beautiful messages and symbols from my dream. I feel that I’m taking actions forward into my life that are new and powerful.

If you have always wondered what your dreams were about and if there were different layers of meaning in your dreams, I would highly suggest that you book a session with Tenaya to better understand the magical information that your soul is trying to give you.”
— J. Byer

”I walked away from Tenaya’s Dreaming For A Word of Power workshop feeling inspired to listen more deeply to the messages in my dreams and to honor my intuitive understanding of these messages. Tenaya speaks from years of experience and it shows. She doesn’t push one way of seeing things but guides and suggests ideas that are grounded and useful. I had a few eye opening moments that left me with a whole new perspective. The class was fun! I felt safe, and I learned a simple method to apply to any dream that is easy to remember. I’ll be back for more!”
— E.S.
“Wow!  I am still in awe.  The workshop yesterday was amazing.  I love your composure, your clarity, your pacing, your presence…and you had about a million beautiful touches – signs to the room, a beautiful altar, gorgeous flowers, incredible nourishment, a comfortable space, such generosity of materials, the journal…from the moment I opened the door to the building and saw your first sign, I just relaxed.I loved the oracle game and the lightning dream work – that was really really meaningful to me.  You were really gentle with all of it, and made me feel completely comfortable.”
— Silke G.
I started attending Tenaya’s Dream Salon after I found her through Robert Moss’ website. I was seeking out groups or classes local to me after completing my reading of Dreaming the Soul Back Home. Having been active on this path of dreamwork for several years, I recognized this was my first opportunity to commune with a group of women that were choosing to do the same. Sharing with other women about my personal journey was indeed the way to go for me and doing so resulted in us receiving and giving a wealth of wisdom and personal support.

Tenaya is exquisitely skilled in her ability to create, hold, and tend to a space for dreamwork. Each month Tenaya guided the Dream Salon with song and the rhythm of our hearts to a safe space where each person was enabled to be heard and appreciated. She effectively mediated conversation flow and balanced activities for the well-being of the group. Tenaya led by example and welcomed us to experience her dreams with her via art, music, storytelling, and movement.

I feel that Tenaya prioritizes being sensitive and kind to her heart and it shines bright through her transparency of her own journeying and through her teaching. I appreciate this in her and feel grateful for having experienced this dreamwork within her Dream Salon.
— Hannah W.
“My first private dream session with Tenaya Amelia was wonderful. I felt so taken care of from the moment I walked into her lovely office space to the moment I departed.  Her kindness and gentle loving presence invite an immediate feeling of safety and therefore ease in opening the heart and mind. I felt comfortable to explore my dream and any feelings that arose during my journey. Tenaya is very attentive, astute and insightful. She helped me to see how my dream was telling me things about my current life that I might not have noticed or fully acknowledged on my own. The session has stayed with me, and since then I have been more curious about my dreams and taken them more seriously. I look forward to future sessions in which Tenaya’s support and guidance will help reveal more of my inner life to me.”
— Isa Susan Efros

”The workshop was inspiring~ It felt warm and safe.....you set a wonderful mood, connecting us through drumming, and the right mix of laughter, fun, contemplation and artistic work. Very balanced. You are a natural dream teacher, a woman on her path, shining..... Caring, thoughtful, intuitive. What a beautiful day, the tea, the friends, the care for every last detail....so perfectly planned and laid out.”
— Melinda
“Tenaya has the rare gift of making you feel instantly at ease in her presence with her grace, compassion, and warmth. Her knowledge and intuition makes her dreamwork incredibly powerful. Under her guidance, I found myself making new and helpful connections between my dreams and everyday life. Thanks to her insights, I now have a new framework to utilize when I want to bridge inspiration and intuition in my life.”
— Jaycee C.
“Tenaya is a wonderful, intuitive dream guide~ I felt deeply cared for in our session together and I’m still feeling the ripples throughout my life. One thing I really love about Tenaya’s work, is that she weaves the symbols and narratives from my dreams into my waking life, and offers a lot of incredibly helpful suggestions as to how to move forward with them. Tenaya is so passionate about using the dream world as a teacher, it’s infectious!” 
— Victoria L.
“I enjoyed the openness of everyone sharing their dreams and questions. I think this openness speaks to your ability to hold a safe and trustworthy space - a gift you have.”
— Sarah A.
“I wasn’t sure what to expect with my first dream reading but I was so excited about the possibilities. I enjoyed my session with Tenaya so much and would definitely recommend her to others. It left me with a fresh perspective and I made a lot of surprising connections to my everyday life. I was able to honor my dream in a special way and look forward to welcoming more dreams in the future no matter how enigmatic they may seem.”
— Nikki C.
“I’ve been thinking about you and our session all day. I know I’ve said it a few times, but I’m overwhelmed with how artfully you guided our time together and your insights were spot-on.”
— Ellie C.

”Tenaya asked gentle questions to bring out the dream I wanted to share. I felt at ease, and the dream took on life under her attention, and her experience looking at and sensing the mystery of dream symbols. Tenaya shed new light on pieces of my dream, and the dream as a whole. With  respect, she offered multiple ways to help bring those dream symbols into my waking life awareness. Tenaya has a gentle, deeply intuitive, insightful and creative nature that merges perfectly with her work as a dreamwork guide. I feel changed from our session.”
— Georgia J.