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Dreams That Speak workshops and classes are a chance to immerse yourself in the inspiring, regenerative field of dreams~ I'm available to travel nationally and internationally to offer Active Dreaming and Intuitive Dream Painting classes and workshops.

”I walked away from Tenaya’s Dreaming For A Word of Power workshop feeling inspired to listen more deeply to the messages in my dreams and to honor my intuitive understanding of these messages. Tenaya speaks from years of experience and it shows. She doesn’t push one way of seeing things but guides and suggests ideas that are grounded and useful. I had a few eye opening moments that left me with a whole new perspective. The class was fun! I felt safe, and I learned a simple method to apply to any dream that is easy to remember. I’ll be back for more!”
— E.S.
“The workshop was inspiring~ It felt warm and safe.....you set a wonderful mood, connecting us through drumming, and the right mix of laughter, fun, contemplation and artistic work. Very balanced. You are a natural dream teacher, a woman on her path, shining..... Caring, thoughtful, intuitive. What a beautiful day, the tea, the friends, the care for every last detail....so perfectly planned and laid out.”
— Melinda M.
Tenaya’s workshop, “The Art of Kairomancy,” was the highlight of my weekend at Spirit Weavers! She created a warm, inviting space in which I could connect with other dreamers and explore the magic of being alive. The workshop was a great mix of dream theory, storytelling, meditation, and tips for how to practice the art of Kairomancy in our day to day lives. Since the workshop, I am titling my dreams as I journal about them each day, and have done the Lightning Dreamwork exercise with my partner multiple times. It feels like my dream life has been reinvigorated, and I have the oracle card I drew in the workshop up on my altar. I highly recommend Tenaya and her workshops to others.
— Meagan Leatherman

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